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We Save Property

We love the great outdoors. But sometimes enjoying and preserving the outdoors means that we must manage the animals that live there. Beavers in particular change their habitat more than any other animal: building dams and flooding lowlands, and often destroying hundreds of acres at a time and killing old-growth trees. If you want to protect your property, call us as soon as you suspect a problem.


Trapping Outdoors will provide a service quote before each job begins. Typically, each job requires a setup fee and a cost-per-animal. Some jobs may be as little as $130, others may be $600 or more. Fees are determined by the type of trapping, number of animals to remove, and travel distance. A deposit and a signed release is required to initiate any trapping work.

Live Relocation

Some clients prefer to give their nuisance animals a new home, rather than have them exterminated. Trapping Outdoors will gladly remove live animals and place them on one of our other client’s properties.

Just kidding, just kidding… We give them a new home in a safe, remote location.